If you’re looking for a great family destination in Georgia, consider Jones Bridge Park in Peachtree Corners, located just along the Chattahoochee River shoreline.

Jones Bridge Park is one of Georgia’s favorite outdoor adventure areas. It is ideal for family recreational activities and offers a beautiful tourist spot for visitors coming by the city. The 30-acre park is known for its scenic trail and natural fishing area.

Fun Activities and Tour in the Park

The park provides visitors a variety of activities for children and adults, such as walking, hiking, jogging, swimming, and wildlife watching. It includes beautiful gardens, playgrounds, sheds, and many other attractions.

You will find several pavilions around the park where families and groups can gather together while eating and talking. It is even allowed for visitors to have a BBQ, especially with a massive area and the “backyard feels” offered by the natural park.

Visitors who are into sports activities can play in the soccer fields and sand volleyball courts. These are spacious enough for large group games and open for all ages. The park also has large meadows where you can have a picnic under the right weather, play frisbee, or simply hang around to enjoy the fresh air and calm surroundings.

For events, you can rent the Good Age Community Room, and you can host programs, games, and all kinds of celebrations and gatherings all year round.

Hiking Trail

The park consists of a long walking trail and a one-mile loop for trekking/hiking. It has a total of about 4.1 miles of trail, perfect for exciting adventures, although this hiking trail is ideal for those looking for an easy, low-stress activity to pursue around early May through mid-September. There are a few areas of interest along the route, including the Chattahoochee River Nature Center.

Just north of the trail’s starting point at the Chattahoochee River Park, you will encounter some beautiful scenery, including Bald Cypress trees and vast numbers of wildflowers. Several large bridges and overhanging structures can be viewed from the trail, which also provides you a fantastic view of the nearby Chattahoochee River. This picturesque scene along the water’s edge makes the course particularly enjoyable during the spring and fall months when the water is green with a myriad of pretty plants and trees.

Chattahoochee River

The park features a wide range of attractions for people of all ages. One of the most popular attractions of this park is the bridge over the Chattahoochee River. This picturesque overlook offers spectacular views of the Chattahoochee River banks. 

You’ll find that this particular part of the city offers some of the best fishing in the area. To get to the fishing spot, you’ll need to travel down the trails and then take a short walk to the riverbank.

Fishing at Chattahoochee River

The Chattahoochee River is a very popular fishing destination, which you can access.

The location makes it ideal for groups of people who want to get out into the water and catch fish together. There is an abundance of fish in the area, such as trout, catfish, bass, and other species. If you want to experience a day or two of good fishing, you should definitely try out some of the sections of water that offer shade from the sun, as well as the challenge of moving across the banks and catching fish. Just be sure to keep your eyes open for some fish as they come out of hiding to feed. 

There are several different types of boats to rent when you go fishing in the area. There are several fishing charters, and those wishing to rent a boat can do so by contacting Georgia Saltwater Adventures Charter. They offer lessons for novices as well as experienced fishers. For a one-hour guided tour, customers are provided fishing tips and information on all aspects of fishing, from saltwater to freshwater fishing techniques.

Other Outdoor Activities in Peachtree Corners

The park is also located close to some of Peachtree Corners’ other major attractions. The community sits approximately in the middle of metro Atlanta, providing easy access to the Atlanta University Center. It has a vibrant economic and social future for the people who call it home.

The Jones Bridge Boat Launch is just across the Chattahoochee River from the park and a pretty cool spot to view the majestic water. Here, you can ride boats or kayaks for more fun water adventures. And, of course, it has the perfect ambiance for chilling under tree shades after you’ve been through rough water activities. Aside from that, the place also offers spectacular views for photography, especially when the water is calm. 

The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area also gives tourists access to historic areas and the river’s 48-mile stretch. You can enjoy river rafting, trout fishing, and discover more hiking and biking trails. On top of all that, it also offers boat tours, nature walks, and historical and educational activities. The place can be crowded on the weekends, but you have more trail choices and more challenging inclines for hiking enthusiasts.

Just around the corner is the Jones Bridge Swim & Tennis Club. It is a famous public place with a newly renovated tennis court and an awesome community swimming pool. They have a lifeguard and excellent sanitizing protocols.

Don’t Forget to Drop By Jones Bridge Park While in Peachtree Corners, GA!

This beautiful site will indeed make your vacation memorable. Peachtree Corners is a charming community filled with restaurants, shopping, and bars. This neighborhood also offers year-round entertainment opportunities, from golfing and hiking to shopping, dining, and culture. It is an excellent place for visitors to explore Georgia’s culture, history, art, and incredible outdoors.

Visit the Bridge Park Today!

If you want to visit a national recreation area in Georgia, one of the best places you definitely shouldn’t miss to see is Jones Bridge Park in Peachtree Corners. There is so much to explore and do while you’re in the area.

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