There are several reasons why residents or business owners would discard their old air conditioning units. Most commonly, people replace them when they’re already broken down and just taking up space. Nevertheless, it just comes to a point when you need to dispose of them whether they’re still working or not, and we have a few recommendations to provide you with options.

You can get rid of old air conditioning units by donating them, trading them for newer models, or disposing them to junk stores. But before calling in a team to pick it up, you should take a few moments to find out the proper disposal methods in your state.

Tip #1: Hire A Waste Disposal Company

People with old air conditioning systems at their homes are recommended to contact disposal service specialists to eliminate the HVAC units properly. Therefore, you must be careful in choosing a waste removal company to partner with, especially if you have specific plans on how you want to dispose of your unit and see if they can accommodate your requests.

The best thing about hiring these professionals is that you can have various options on their services, including routine waste removal and emergency assistance, following strict environmental regulations on waste disposal.

Emergency services include immediate removal of your unit when something goes wrong with its functions. If your AC shows signs that it’s about to break down or has begun to emit harmful chemicals, you should contact the professionals instantly. First, you can reach out to your HVAC contractors to take a look at the unit, and then they can give you an assessment of its condition.

If you resolve to get rid of your AC right away, you can either ask your contracted HVAC team if they accept old air conditioning units and arrange a job with them. Another option would be to give your local waste disposal company who can respond promptly to make arrangements for the removal of the unit. Waste disposal services come equipped with special trucks, making it easier for them to transport your unit safely.

Furthermore, you can benefit from hiring a waste disposal team with the option of a comprehensive waste removal service. This means that when you call them in, you won’t have to deal with any of the mess, debris, or other problems that tend to come along with trying to get rid of large appliances like this on your own. You can even arrange to leave your old HVAC unit on the curb, let the experts come by to take it away, and manage the proper disposal method. This is probably the best way to get rid of an old air conditioner without spending a lot of money or dealing with the clutter any longer.

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Tip #2: Transfer to Local Recycling Shops/Programs

One way you can properly dispose of your air conditioner is through recycling.

If you’re looking for eco-friendly methods to dispose of air conditioners, some companies offer recycling services for broken appliances. So when your AC finally breaks down, they can help you recycle it by repurposing it into other materials. They have facilities that can break down the units, separate their parts, and process them into new reusable items.

The environment is your responsibility, and every little step you take is a giant step forward for your community.

Tip #3: Donate to Charity Programs

If your AC is still working or only needs a suitable repair, and you just want to get rid of it but don’t want to sell it, you can give it to someone who needs it instead. You can take it to the repair shop to ensure that it’s still functional and bring it to a local charity or even to a homeless shelter.

While talking to the technicians, you will need to give them a detailed description of your old air conditioning unit’s condition. This will help them diagnose the problem and make the necessary repairs accurately.

Tip #4: Sell to HVAC Retailers

If you are in the process of selling your unit, HVAC retailers might provide you with an attractive price for your old AC so you can quickly get rid of it. You can even replace your unit through them and have a new and fully-functional air conditioner installed in no time.

Moreover, the HVAC contractor could give you more affordable offers for a newer model. It’s quite convenient if you’re able to set up a contract with them to remove your waste and install a brand-new and more efficient model in one day. You won’t have to sit around for days without an HVAC system.

Tip #5: Arrange a Disposal Through Local Sanitation or Trash Pick-Up Programs

Check-in with your local waste and sanitation programs if they include appliance removal on their services. If they have bulk pick-up programs, they might also be able to help you with the proper disposal of your AC unit. However, you have to follow their pick-up schedule to ensure that they include your area on a specific date.

In A Nutshell

Now that you know more about where to take old air conditioners for recycling, you’re ready to start doing something about it. No matter what condition your old HVACs are in, you should be responsible for disposing of them. Make a call to a local junk removal company and let them know what you want to get taken care of, so they can quote you accordingly. Some HVAC companies can step in and remove your old air conditioning unit from your property if it’s part of the service they offer when installing a new system. These are the most eco-friendly way of getting rid of your old unit and the kindest thing you can do for your environment.

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